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Bisol: emblemic of Prosecco tradition
21 generations of passion from the land to the glass

Bisol is a name intrinsically linked with the history of Prosecco and their tradition has been rooted in the earth of Valdobbiadene since 1542, when the family gave rise to their viticultural enterprise handing it down from father to son through the generation. The bottles contain the maximum expression of the Valdobbiadene hills proudly sporting a collection of labels of the highest quality that stand out for their freshness and elegance. The history of the land is therefore transferred into every bottle of Cru Bisol. Prosecco is the symbol of a tradition where only the skill and tenacity of heroic viticulture is able to bear the fatigue of 'working by hand'. Research is ongoing through the application of rigorous and avant-garde low impact principles which endow our wines with the maximum elegance, authenticity and longevity.