Discover Venice and its Hidden Wine Treasures

Maeli: the soul of the Euganean Hills
A sensory trail through a land of volcanic origins

Maeli is set in the magnificent National Park of the Euganean Hills, that soars up as if by miracle in the heart of Veneto, playing host to the Pirio hill, 230 meters a.s.l., a fascinating place for its abundance of flora and fauna, for its 180-degree panorama of Venice on one side and the Dolomites on the other, but above all for the unique characteristics of the ground made up of a layer of marl penetrating to a depth of 11 metres.

The vines are deeply rooted in earth made up of marl flakes of chalk rock interspersed with trachyte and take full advantage of the excellent exposition to the warmth and light of the sun for the better part of the day whilst being sheltered from the cold north winds by Monte Pirio. Elisa Dilavanzo is at the helm of this enterprise creating her collection of authentic soulful volcanic wines.