Discover Venice and its Hidden Wine Treasures

Venissa: the jewel of Native Venice
The charm of the Lagoon where everything began

The Venissa Estate is situated on the island of Mazzorbo, which together with Torcello and Burano make up Native Venice, an archipelago of nature, colours, art and flavours. Venissa's walled vineyard recovered by the Bisol family nurtures the Dorona grape variety Venissa an autochthonous lagoon grape which was thought to be extinct.

This "clos" gives rise to an annual yield of just under 4000 bottles of Venissa, one of the white wines most sought after by wine connoisseurs throughout the world. The walled vineyard also forms the backdrop for the suites of the Wine Resort and Ristorante Venissa, the world's first restaurant to obtain a Michelin star for a team of four young chefs. Ten tables where you can savour their revamping of the local ingredients of Native Venice.