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Vigna Major 1350: Cortina's Crowning Gem
A vineyard at a height of 1350 meters set in a scenic mountain farm owned by Regole d'Ampezzo

Vigna 1350 is an ambitious and important project conceived and carried out by the renowned wine maker Fabrizio Zardini and Francesco Anaclerio, director of the Rauscedo Experimental Centre for cooperative nurseries, who have created a vineyard at the princely height of 1350 meters in the Ampezzo Valley.

Together with Gianluca Bisol, Fabrizio and Francesco are investing their passion and commitment in the Vigna Major 1350 project, the exceptional gemstone set in the scenic mountain farm owned by Regole d'Ampezzo with its breathtaking views of Tofane and mount Pomagagnon.